The History Of HAC

Formed in May 1989, the Homeless Action Committee (HAC) has extensive experience working with the street population in the City of Albany. HAC has been a strong advocate in the community and has worked tirelessly to end homelessness in Albany by operating a permanent housing program and providing outreach and services to people who live on the streets.

Our Single Room Occupancy (SRO) housing program is for individuals with alcoholism who had been living on the streets for numerous years and who have been unable to maintain sobriety. Each tenant has his/her own room. Three meals per day are provided in a 24 hour staffed facility. Since being housed here, all tenants have improved their health, mental health, and many have dramatically increased their sobriety. This housing has helped improve the quality of life for tenants, increased their self-esteem and stability through its services.

HAC also operates an Outreach Van program, which has assisted hundreds of people on the streets by providing them with compassionate human contact, a listening ear, food, clothing, blankets, referrals and transportation to area resources. Crisis intervention services are also provided. HAC van staff and volunteers work diligently to get people off the streets and into treatment, shelter or housing.